Jon Stewart Republican Hypocrisy by Yemem

Republican congressman Dan Burton has called for the resignation of Homeland Security Adviser Janet Napolitano. Story at Politico

You remember Dan Burton? He once invited the press to a melon shoot in his back yard. The exploding melons somehow proved that Hillary Clinton had murdered White House counsel Vince Foster. Republican Logic.

So Nigeria, then Denmark allowed a terrorist who should have been on a no fly list to board a flight to Detroit. The man failed to detonate a bomb sewed into his underwear (from now on it will be up their ass bombs.) The flight made it and no one was hurt. Republicans want Napolitano’s head on a plate.

Almost 10 years ago I was watching TV one morning when I saw an airliner slam into the World Trade Center. Then another one into the second tower. Then one flown into the Pentagon and one more crashing into a field in Pennsylvania. Four successful airline hijackings, with no survivors. 3000 souls departed.

The Bush Administration was warned repeatedly and handed a year in the making study that such a thing was likely to happen. Bush and company ignored it for political reasons, wanting to move ahead on Star Wars. The top lobbyist for Star Wars over the previous 10 years had been Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of DEFENSE.

As that horrible day moved into evening I could not accept that the resignations of both Secretary of DEFENSE Rumsfled and National SECURITY Advise Condi Rice were not on the President’s desk. I figures by the next morning at least. Nope, no Republican said a thing about it. The nation had gone mad.

So far in this Century there has been no hypocrisy grander than Dan Burton (and other Republicans) calling for the resignation of Janet Napolitano when not calling for the resignations of Rumsfeld and Rice after 911. It’s like comparing a nanaonit to Bill Bennet’s ass.