Letterman: Fat Man Chris Christie butters a turkey

fat man Chris Christie buttering a turkey

I have to wonder about this guy. The day before he did this little skit – the humor of which is a morbidly obese man buttering a turkey – he was railing against reporters at a press conference who asked him about a possible lack of Twinkies in his future. “YOU ARE THE WORST” he yelled at them.

What’s with this guy? And then there was his railing against President Obama as the keynote speaker of the GOP convention, and then some weeks later hugging the President and singing him accolades. President Christie could very well butter up Iran in the morning and nuke them in the afternoon. Hmmm…

  • Muy Groso

    Rack you nitwit! I been telling you for decades that you are too easy on conservatives, and too easily fooled by them.

    That is a an edited Video. Governor Christie, nor any Republican, is capable of making that kind fun of themselves.

    As I have asked you many times, give me and example of ONE GOOD THING a Republican has done since 1980? ONE.