David Letterman’s NEW Donald Trump Top 10 list

David Letterman NEW top ten Donald Trump listDavid Letterman comes out of retirement to join Steve Martin and Martin Short on stage in San Antonio to treat us all with an update of the Top Ten things you did not know about Donald Trump and his hair.  Donald Trump the gift that just keeps giving to comedians, to Democrats and Hillary.

I am presently at the end of my weekly hour of Right-wing swill with Fox News Sunday. So far Donald Trump was mentioned once for 5 seconds. The issues at Fox this morning are that Obama is giving Iran the bomb to destroy Israel, Putin is Hitler, Bobby Jindal is Jesus and Hillary is a lying bitch. What’s new?

Oops, Fox News Sunday did spend the last 3 minutes on The Donald with happy go lucky Brit Hume saying he is a liberal in disguise.

David Letterman Owns Donald Trump for Using Cheap Chinese Labor

David Letterman Owns Donald Trump for Using Cheap Chinese Labor

Donald Trump rails against the impending  threat of Chinese economic domination in this hilarious 2012 interview with David Letterman, in which it is revealed that Trump uses cheap Chinese labor to make his ties, and has his shirts made in Bangladesh. It may be a moot point now, but his main outlet at the time, was Macy’s.

It’s well worth revisiting the interview in which Trump was peddling his shirts, ties and Mitt Romney, whom he was endorsing for president that time around. It is priceless irony when Dave asks The Donald where the ties are made. Trump answers ” I don’t know, they’re made somewhere.” Indeed, they are made ‘somewhere’ like China!  It’s not exactly clear just how Trump would go about boosting our economy while impeding that great Chinese takeover that he constantly raving on about.  One thing he has never mentioned, is  offering  disincentives to clothing manufacturers who manufacture clothing outside of the U.S.A..

The Great David Letterman’s Last Monologue

The Great David Letterman's  Last  Monologue : Simpsons, Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton

It’s hard to say good-bye to David Letterman, but his monologue Wednesday night  gave us a tantalizing glimpse of the comedy the show ‘could’ have done the following night, if there had been a show on Thursday. Look for  Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee and a Mad Max advertising tie-in.

Dave finally answers the persistent questions about why he’s retiring, and what he hopes to do.I won’t give it away, but he’ll be the only ‘Face of Scientology’ with a white tiger act in Vegas.
Everything changes and everyone ages – except the Simpsons. The family gives Dave a warm send-off, and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ says good-bye in their own unique fashion.

There is a problem with no longer having a nightly show of his own. Letterman quipped;  “Now – when I screw up I’ll have to go on somebody else’s show to apologize.”
We can hope!