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Melania Trump’s Jacket Sends Message to Border Families from White House

Prompted by Trump’s harsh and divisive treatment of immigrant families, Melania Trump made an impromptu trip to Texas…And all we got is this dumb jacket. Presumably the FLOTUS hoped to ease backlash against her husband’s policies. Instead of carrying a message of compassion, the First Lady wore a $39 olive green jacket, with large, white graffiti-style lettering proclaiming: “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?”  Why do you suppose she chose that particular jacket –  was Melania’s ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ jacket at the cleaner? Alternately, is English not among the six languages that Melania is said to speak?  I’m out of possible explanations – anyone?

Someone clued the FLOTUS in, as she took the jacket off before landing in McAllen, Texas. People are often puzzled, assuming that she must have good taste in clothing, because she was a model. What they forget is that the FLOTUS was wearing her birthday suit in most of her photo shoots, which makes her ill-equipped for matters of state. *Meow*

You may recall the tongue lashing Melania received when she chose a pair of designer stiletto heels to squelch and squish through the rubble to visit flood victims. A certain tone deafness is apparent. However, I am  encouraged by the jacket kerfuffle! . Selecting the one jacket that literally says what she feels is both unusual and refreshing coming from the Trump White House. After all, it’s an honest statement!

Melania Trump dons jacket saying ‘I really don’t care. Do U?’-video

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