New Rules Bill Maher, Pot and Gay Marriage, May 31 2013

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New Rules with Bill MaherPot is the gay marriage issue of the next generation. We went from 10% okay with gay marriage to 60% in just 25 years.  We are already at about 50% on legalizing pot, though only two states have made the big move.

California and a dozen other states are still in the DON’T ASK DON’T TELL stage of legalizing pot. We all know that Medical Marijuana is a scam, and because it’s a scam prices are higher than in the illegal world.

It will be interesting watching how Colorado and Washington deal with all the new issues surrounding legalizing pot.  If they do it right it won’t be long until the entire nation gets on board.  Other than the confederate states anyway. I suppose that is because pot often gets people thinking outside the box. That is suicide for the Bible Belt.