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New Rules with Bill Maher, Joe Biden and Gay Marriage, May 11 2012

Typical Republican best seller, SCUM! How Liberals Something, Something, Ruined America, Blah, Blah, Flag, Kickass, Jesus!

Thinking about gay sex (which they spend more time at than gays) is what makes the Republican Base have that little door in their foreheads open up and the cuckoo bird jump out.

The contention here is that this issue will hound Mitt Romney as a bigot from now until November. But only if the media does it’s job. And I hate to tell you Bill, but the media is afraid so afraid of the Republican Base they will pretend that bigotry and intolerance is equal too, the same as, and no different than tolerance and fairness.

There are three big areas now where the Republican spin denies reason, facts, logic and science to support their crap.

Evolution is a lie!(education)
Global Warming is a hoax! (survival of the Earth)
Homosexuality is a life style and not an immutable cause (Big Government denying individuals the same rights as they enjoy)

And the media gives all that EQUALITY or the GOP will boycott their channels, advertisers and loss of share.

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