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New Rules with Bill Maher, What is Ted Nugent MAD about? May 25 2012

“The Democratic Message: ┬áVote for us, we may be stupid but we aren’t nuts!”

I finally realized why we don’t talk about American politics being all about race and religion. Because we (everyone) already know that. Oh sure, some can say it’s all about taxes, but we are happy to pay taxes for war, police, jails, and boat ramps, it’s the taxes that end up in the hands of BLACK people that phises WE off so much. Which is just a smidgen of the bill.

Small government
Less Taxes
Tea Party
Take our country back

All have the word BLACK driving them. And we all know it, so why talk about it?

And then there is the DEBT. ┬áTrillions and trillions which Republicans work into every sentence. And you now, nations work on about a 60% draw, so it’s only 40% of the debt that is at issue. But as we now see in Wisconsin, the Super PAC money will buy them the votes they need. As Cory Booker showed us so well, now with no hope of taxes ever being able to support education or government, if a mayor or governor or even a president doesn’t suck up to the wealthy, they will take the money and run.

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