Phillip DeFranco: Corporate Greed Gobbles Twinkies & Do You Sleep Alone?

Phillip DeFranco reveals how Twinkies fell to gluttonous CEO's, why sleeping with electronic devices is bad, and the latest in the Elmo sex scandal

Twinkie entrepreneurs are hoping to make their fortunes on ebay, while Phillip DeFranco wonders how such a beloved junk food icon can go bankrupt in America, land of Obesity.  The answer puts one in mind of Mitt Romney’s experiences with Bain Capital.  While we’ve heard that Hostess workers were unreasonable, and the company had no choice but bankruptcy, here’s the real skinny on one of our favorite fat foods, and the CEO’s whose bank accounts are fairly engorged with the demise of the company pension plans, wages and ultimately the company itself.      More food for thought…Do you sleep with your cell phone?