President Obama wins on foreign policy and domestic policy, Bok Cartoon

Obama wins it all bok cartoon

Do not be fooled, the GOP is trying to overturn this election just as they tried to overturn Bill Clinton’s election of 1996 with their smarmy impeachment. Which BTW, over 70% of Americans were loudly against. Back then the GOP Wingnuts behind it were the same group we now call Tea Party but at that time were called the Newt Gingrich Contract with America Revolutionaries. Most of the then Republican House Managers are no longer around, except one. Senator Lindsey Graham. So keep that in mind as the GOP proceeds with this Benghazi Bullcrap.

Adding to their angst, General David Patraeus, the GOP hero of this century, was caught with his pants down, they lost an election they believed they were going to win, and Senator John McCain’s personal vindictiveness directed at President Obama.

But you know, the GOP lost everything most everything in this election. So give them this Benghazi-Gate bone of theirs which will keep them busy, relevant, and save them some face over the next year or so. It will only prove them to have not learned their lesson. That scorpion is till going to kill the frog and itself rather than change.