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Rabid Creationist Mike Huckabee calls Playboy payoff tape a nothing burger

The elephant in this room is that Trump and his lawyers deny there was any affair with the playmate, so why was their a phone call about paying her off then?

Evangelical, fundamentalist, creationist family values preacher Mike Huckabee now believes that having a year long affair with a playboy model while the wife is at home with an infant is what makes a role model of President Trump.  Oops. Not that which 80% of Republicans say Trump is a role model for their children? What then?

Ah grabbing women by the snatch. Oh and making fun of cripples. And one night stands with porn stars. And never going to church, never praying, and so on..

Of course Mike Huckabee does not ride dinosaurs to work though he knows his ancestors did. And that is about the best thing I can come up with to say about the Gomer Pyle of Evangelism

Have the Huckabee’s replaced the Palins as our national family of right-wing dirtballs? Sure the Palins set aside a monthly stipend to cover bail. These Arkansas hillbillies are more than competent liars but unlike the Palins their main concern is not bail.

Wait. Yes, Mike Huckabee’s son David is on the badboy books. When he was 17 he got fired from Boy Scout camp for torturing and hanging a dog. And then at 34 he got busted for taking a loaded Glock on an airplane. You know, Christian stuff.

The excuse was the rest of the Boy Scouts were torturing the dog and David Huckabee came to put it out of it’s misery by hanging it from a tree. Perhaps we should look further into this to find if David ever ate any gay men?

Mike Huckabee Compares Trump-Cohen Tape to ‘Geraldo and Al Capone’s Vault’: ‘There’s Nothing In There!’