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Relax, calm down, don’t worry, be happy and get drunk

Relax, calm down, don't worry, be happy and get drunkIt really isn’t so bad, so the stock market tanks and you lose much of your portfolio and 401k, so what, for like most of those who voted for President Elect Trump you have a freezer full of venison necks and opossum tails to keep your family fed until the factory re-opens.

Health care will soon be terrific!

Our standing in the world will be stronger now with Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte on our side.

There will soon be a steel mill behind every McDonald’s.

After the wall and the deportations, Trump voters will once again have good jobs in the tomato fields, on our roofs, in our gardens, cleaning toilets and running behind garbage trucks. Oops, almost forget the finger losing good jobs at the slaughter house.

And what’s to worry with President Elect Trump anyway, ┬árelax for we have a Republican Senate, a Republican House and a soon to be a Republican Supreme Court to keep him in line.

All will be well, if you stay drunk enough.

Though some advice for Hillary Clinton. Hillary skedaddle to parts unknown before Attorney General Giuliani throws your in the slammer in Guantanamo bay.