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Romney picks Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, 6-pack Abs, the end of Medicare and Social Security

paul ryan Alfred E Newman

As the thinking goes, the young vibrant Paul Ryan – the most fiscal Right-winger in Congress – will ENERGIZE THE BASE!  As if it needed energizing. One from the Republican Base was energized enough to do some energy basing at a Sihk Church in Wisconsin last week. [Pinning political ideology on these gun nuts must not be about their personal politics, but what the reason for their  rampage. In the case of the rampage in Wisconsin, Wade Michael Page was carrying the Republican torch on race, religion and immigration. Though it would be unfair to claim serial killer Ted Bundy was acting out Republican ideology even though while he was murdering women across America he was a paid Republican activist. Though it is fair to just mention that.]

Here we see Romney out of the box, taking a chance for the first time. Making a decision! Doubling down on his biggest negative. Adding another voice to the elitism that dogs him. Another voice to privatize Social Security, turn Medicare into a voucher system and giving the wealthy massive tax breaks. Sure it may be good fodder for the filthy rich and the filthy stupid, but what will it do to win Florida? But maybe he thinks Romney thinks the Abs will win over the women vote and Ryan’s youth the smart phone vote? It seems McCain

But then again, as they say, VP choices don’t matter.  I bet the choice of Sarah Palin – which was more about ATTRACTIVE than substance – cost McCain some points. Sure the filthy stupid love Sarah Palin, she is a Bloody Christian, but how many filthy stupid people are there here in the United States of Duh?  hmmm… Bloody Christians… I so often get in trouble for not separating the 90% of American Right-wing Christians from the liberal flock of… Gee, I can’t come up with any recognizable names in that flock… Oh. DB! We all know DB!


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