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Samantha Bee, Donald Trump very proud to lead the Birther movement

Samantha Bee, Donald Trump very proud to lead the Birther movementSam Bee reminds us of  how very proud Donald Trump has been [until last Friday] leading the Birther Movement, like a toddler showing off his first poop in the toilet. While 65% of his supporters bend down to get a good satisfying wiff of that poop, the other 35% – like good parents everywhere – hold their nose and congratulate the child, for after all, just like Then Donald, not pooping their pants is a good thing.

So how are the 65% of Donald supporters dealing with His Whiteness stating Obama was born in the US? Well he didn’t say he was not a Muslim! He did not apologize! And as a the good con artist he is, he blamed Hillary Clinton for it! Of course they also know he is lying and doesn’t believe it for a minute, because they know he lies about everything, which is okay as long as it is not about email.  Here in America we can lie about everything but email.  Here is part 2 of Bee on Birthers.

Sam Bee also rails at NBC who has – an still does – enabled a buffoon like Trump to be 2 points away from the White House where we may soon have Richy Rich lead Gomer and Goober to help him make America Great Again. You know, like it was back in the 1950’s when everyone knew their place and were happy about it.


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