Samantha Bee explains the new Republican DEEP STATE meme

Samantha Bee explains the new Republican DEEP STATE memeWe have a an orange drunk monkey with Pepe the Frog on his shoulders driving our truck.

Samantha Bee explains that the new Republican talking point meme, DEEP STATE, is a term stolen from the European lexicon of defining fascist and authoritarian regimes that have deeply embedded security, military, police and spy forces throughout their governments. Republicans have taken the ugly term as their own to define the Democrats and left over Obama hired bureaucrats in the American government, who are out to destroy what the “American People Want.”

Samantha Bee finds that federal bureaucrats are about even politically, 44% are Democrats and 40% Republicans. A pretty good reflection of American politics in general. That’s people not voters. Which is the problem.

So what is this Deep State crap really about?

It is the rational of the coming budget to fire of tens of thousands of federal employees.

One more point not addressed by Samantha Bee.

The hate the Federal government, i.e. America, and what Republicans call bureauRats has much to do with this:

Minorities represent 33.8 percent of the federal workforce