Samantha Bee, RESIST is not enough VOTE!!!

Samantha Bee, RESIST is not enough VOTE!!!What’s the difference between the Tea Party of 2010 and Resist of 2017? Well other than the ability to spell – that I-E thing is so hard. Oh and the hats. And the flag regalia. And minority participation. And women. And the smell of manure in the air. And the Hostess wrappers on the ground.  And the walkers and Rascals.

Right now the pundit pollsters are predicting that the 2018 election could very well give Republicans a 10 seat gain in the Senate. Of the 34 Senate seats in 2018, 25 are held by Democrats, ten of which are in Red States. All they need is seven to give Trump, Ryan and McConnell a Senate super majority with a 5 to 4 advantage in the Supreme Court.  Sink that in for a while…

Instead of resisting, crying, screaming or ranting and raving, grab everyone you can by their collar and drag them to the voting booths on November 6th 2018. Along with the dead.