SNL, Ivanka is Complicit, a fragrance, a way of life

SNL, Ivanka is Complicit, a fragrance, a way of lifeJust a reminder, feminist Ivanka Trump is for six weeks of paid maternity leave for married women only and fathers exempt. And with a $300 billion price tag it has as much chance of passing a Republican congress as the “World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017”, Trumpcare, or Obamacare 1.5. With more than 30 Republicans screeching that it covers too many poor and sick people with about the same amount of Republicans worried it is too lean causing them to lose votes in 2018, it is in trouble.

News is out that since Kellyanne Conway called for Americans to buy Ivanka’s line of upscale crap, sales of her crap have gone up 40%.

Though it was not so much Ivanka or Kellyanne as it was the backlash to the Media who attacked poor helpless alternative woman Kellyanne for selling Trump products from the White House.  As you have probably noticed dining at your local Cracker Barrel, all the women are now dressed in managerial suits and wearing leopard skin heels.

I drive past our local Cracker Barrel several times a week. It is on the I45 frontage road to Galveston. The parking lot is always full, often an overflow crowd in the doorway. It does even batter business than my Chik Fil A in front of my Home Depot which has a constant long line of cars wrapping around it all hours of the day. Even at my local Hobby Lobby I find it hard to  get a parking place.

But the Cracker Barrel has one enormous advantage over both Hobby Lobby and Chic Fil A.  The Cracker Barrel physically borders on one of the largest, tightest trailer parks I have seen.

The backlash to calling out bigotry [political incorrectness] not only makes big money for businesses who deal enjoy dealing with that bigotry, but it now elects United States Presidents.

When will Democrats finally realize that in rural America and the South bigotry is not anything shameful but something to celebrate, be proud of and pass on to your kids?