Stephen Colbert: Fox News Bill OReilly ups American moochers from 47 to 50 percent

Traditional white people of any race don’t want things because they have things!

bill o'reilly 50% of Americans are moochersMost of the now 50% of Americans who are moochers that Bill-O is talking about are his audience who receive Medicare and Social Security. The next biggest group of moochers are children. Then comes military veterans and the disabled.
Of course pointing that out to the KIND OF PEOPLE who watch Fox News is like fking windmills…

Oh I am sorry, I forgot the one that comes right after hungry children. Sick poor people, that’s the real problem you see. We need to do something that doesn’t cost anything to solve the problem of sick poor people. And you know, most of them are very different than Bill O’Reilly and the Fox News audience. And people who are different do not belong. Single payer or some form of universal health care is NOT THE ANSWER. The answer lies is some sort of solution that will finally solve the problem.