Stephen Colbert: George Will says Obama ahead only because he is black

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To show what a total wanker George Will is take a look at the two graphics below.  First we have a graph showing September polling results for working class Southern whites.

I had seen this 40 point spread for Romney as a map and could not find it this morning. But I did find a map with the just about the same states in red, though it was for the states which have the most people not paying income taxes, you know, Romney’s deadbeat 47%.

What does this all mean?  One thing I have learned over the past 20 years or so, is that whenever one uses the term “old confederacy” be sure to include “Idaho” to the phrase. “The old confederacy and Idaho” are the states with what Mitt Romney calls the most Deadbeat parasitic victims, and they are for Romney 62 to 22 in the polls. It also points out the racist nature of the “old confederacy and Idaho.” Taken together they spell “Dumber than a Texas Governor.”

southern whites against obama 40 points

southern white deadbeats