Stephen Colbert, GOP takes race out of slavery in textbooks

So what’s new? Republicans have for decades been taking evolution out of textbooks. And you know that is not just a denial of evolution, but also of biology, paleontology, cosmology, physics, chemistry, archeology and so on. Though they have mostly lost the legal battle, public schools throughout American make no mention of it in grade schools or middle schools and most teachers in high school pass over so not to cause trouble.

More recently Republicans have been trying to remove global warming and climate change from public school textbooks.

Not that long ago Republican Phyllis Schlafly was on a death march to remove GEOGRAPHY from public education. You know, it taught children about other places with other political systems and DIFFERENT RELIGIONS! And even worse it taught little children to accept others no matter their race, religion or ethnicity. Which they call MULTICULTURALISM. Not much worse than that to a good Christian, well other than Affirmative Action and Peace.

This nation was founded on Freedom, Liberty and Slavery. As crazy as that sounds…  Republicans today emulate that by screeching about liberty and freedom and THE CONSTITUTION while every amendment they support removes liberties and freedoms rather than dispense them. It is the nature of the Beast.