Student Body Armor for Campus Carry Texas

Student Body Armor for Campus Carry TexasStudent Body Armor is a joke, campus carry is not a joke.

Many college professors moved out of Texas after this law was passed. Many more have spoken up to say they have withdrawn lessons concerning hot issues out of fear, especially in regards to our gun culture.

Who would want to carry a gun to school? A gun nut. And what makes gun nuts the most crazy mad? Gun regulations and gun grabbers. How mad? Mad enough to make sure professors know they have guns before they speak.

To understand how bad the gun culture is and how bad the gun nuts are, scroll down the comment section of this video on Youtube and see how many pages of comments you have to go before you seen anything but gun nuts screaming bloody murder. Bloody murder is a good thing.

Some twenty years ago I was joking that the NRA driving our gun culture would mean guns in bars, churches, sporting events and concerts.  And here we are. Unbelievable.