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Supreme Court replaces Democracy with Oligarchy AGAIN, Keefe cartoon

Supreme Court let's the money talk, Keefe cartoon

No bones about it, Republicans on the Supreme Court have doubled down to replace democracy with oligarchy. Headlines here in Texas were TEXAS SENATORS HAPPY WITH SUPREME COURT DECISION! You can always be sure that anything Ted Cruz is happy with is sure to be something awful.

In fact all Republicans are giddy from this double down of Citizen’s United.  After all it is part of their trifecta to fight the demographics that will eventually bring them down.

Gerrymandering (having politicians pick the voters rather than the voters picking the politicians), voter suppression of the poor, young, African Americans and Hispanics, and giving those with the most money the most power to affect elections.  And it will work for them, for a time…

Hopefully the sea change we have been waiting for will come as soon as 2016. Though elections aside, if just one of those Republicans on the Supreme Court were to retire, that sea change could come earlier than expected.

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