SNL Weekend Update, Airheads, May 9 2015

SNL Weekend Update airheadsBack in my day we just called them airheads, and we loved them, especially when the lights went on in the bar. I remember back in college the philosophy majors were the most problematic.

If we now are required to call airheads “girls you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with at a party” what to the ladies call stupid men these days? “Men you would rather die than wake up with?”

Michele Bachmann will not seek reelection in 2014 video

bachmann quitsWell it’s not because she can’t win, after all, she spent 12 times as much as her Democratic rival and won by 1.1%. Neither is she running because she is being investigated by the FBI for election fraud in her 2012 Presidential campaign. Maybe she is just too dizzy?  Or maybe she and her husband are opening a bath house in San Francisco? Or as she says she is just quitting because 8 years of public service is enough for anyone.

But then again, loosing her House seat in 2014 would not look good as she plays the clown in the 2016 Republican Primaries for President. Remember she has been chosen by God to do whatever it is she does.

Victoria Jackson Fiscal Cliff Christmas Carol, Lipstick Liberal

victoria jackson xmas carolwhere can i buy cialis online” width=”150″ height=”101″ />

Most of what this Victoria Jackson clone is saying, is what she actually says, I wonder if all of it is? When we have a personality as dumbstruck stupid as Victoria Jackson it is often hard to satirize, usually the best bet is to just go with how they really look, how they really sound, and what they really say. Taking that into account this is very well done.