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Key & Peele: Jimmy Makes Fool of Substitute Teacher 4

Key & Peele: Jimmy Makes Fool of Substitute Teacher 4

As the title reveals, Key and Peele have made three previous 'Substitute Teacher' videos, all of which have been unique and extremely funny.  In the original 'substitute teacher' video, a street-wise sub from a rougher part of town, will not tolerate nonsense from his new charges. He believes that his white, middle class homeroom students ... Full Article & Video

Slap Ass in Recovery Key & Peele

Slap Ass in Recovery  Key & Peele

There's a whole lot of fanny slappin' going in this men's club!  In a country where men are often raised to be cautious of physical expressions of affection with other men, it's unfortunate, but the world of sports is the one place where they can throw that caution to the wind!  Free to hug, fist ... Full Article & Video

Key & Peele The Tea Party Candidate

Key & Peele The Tea Party Candidate

It's fairly obvious that the Tea Party needs a new leader. In this video by Key & Peele, they set out to snag one!  Not being original thinkers, the TP feel they just may need an African American candidate. It worked for the Democrats, after all, and they have already tried women as candidates...Not that ... Full Article & Video

Key & Peele: Alien Imposters Among Us!

Key & Peele:  Alien Imposters Among Us!

Key and Peele are survivors of a particularly diabolical alien invasion. You see, the aliens look and speak exactly like human beings. The lives of our two survivors depend upon finding some difference in the aliens, which will enable them to tell them apart from the human beings they encounter in the post-apocalyptic world. It soon Full Article & Video

Key & Peele Hilarious Gay Wedding Advice

Key & Peele  Hilarious Gay Wedding Advice

In this hilarious and revealing Key and Peele episode, an impending same-sex wedding brings a family together with a gay man, who attempts to answer their questions about the gay nuptials. We soon learn that bigotry knows no color, and homophobia looks the same in black as it does in white, red, yellow or brown. ... Full Article & Video

Black Republican Meeting, Key & Peele

black republicans

Or the Key & Peele "Clarence Thomas Sketch." Oh btw, last week I was watching Comedy Central and saw a Key and Peele skit that was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Humans playing dogs in a dog park. Lots of butt sniffing, pooping on the floor, peeing on trees and dry humping. With some Full Article & Video

Key and Peele: ‘Obama Shutdown’ : Michele’s Anger Translator Negotiates Presidential Romance With Luther

 Key and Peele:

Obama's Anger translator Luther, isn't alone. Key & Peele have given Michelle her very own Anger Translator Katendra,who is every bit as wonderfully expressive as Luther. This is very good news, until the volatile duo have reason to express anger with one another, and it's time to take cover and watch the sparks fly. In the Full Article & Video

Key & Peele Meet With Diverse Black Republican Men

Comedians Key & Peele Meet With Diverse Black Republican Men

Comedians Key & Peele target a group of Black Republicans who are extremely diverse, and 'royally' angry that anyone would doubt it! At the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Tallahassee Black Republicans, we catch a glimpse of three extremely different speakers who believe they have much in common with white Republicans. They're tired of people assuming Full Article & Video

Key & Peele, a Steinbeck Rap Slapdown

rap slapdown

New Season of Key & Peele find the bad boys making fun of African American Rap culture. [Be sure to watch this one to the end.] I just heard from the Texas  White crowd how much they love this on every level, especially the rendition of a black man as an animal and of course the Full Article & Video

East/West College Bowl 2: Comedy with Key & Peele

East/West College Bowl with comedians Key & Peele

Comedians Key & Peele are back, and it's time for the Annual East/West Collegiate Bowl too! Here's the line-up of football players you fans have waited all year to see. You'll be hearing these names a lot in the future. Like Nyquillus Dillwad Fudge and WingDings, these players have already made quite a name for ... Full Article & Video