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Letterman & Rachel Maddow discuss Rep. Todd Akin

Letterman & Rachel Maddow discuss dumb bunny and rape expert Rep Todd Akin

  The question of the week revolves around whether Rep. Todd Akin should quit the Senate race. Dave and Rachel's discussion may surprise you. After all,  Akin's ilk is nothing new, the stupid have always been with us, and more sobering, they have managed to become elected despite their handicap.  As Dave quotes (from a venerated Full Article & Video

Jim Carrey on Letterman : How the one percent guffaw

  Jim Carrey appeared on Letterman a while back, and discussed how money changes a person. In Carrey's example, his laugh changed. You'll note that the rich Jim Carrey's laugh bears absolutely no resemblance to Mitt Romney's nervous titter. Perhaps old money sounds differently than new? Romney's attempt at mirth is more of a phony & Full Article & Video