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Arlington Texas sGunbags armed intimidation of Moms for Gun Sense

Moms for gun sense

Four women met at am Arlington, Texas restaurant to talk about their organization Moms for Gun Sense. Outside in the parking lot a couple dozen gun enthusiasts with assault rifles assembled to intimidate them. It is not just Texas, in Indiana last April the same KIND OF people with assault rifles surrounded a group of Moms for Gun Sense.

The point of these NRA sGunbags is two fold – as explained by all the state wide Texas Republican candidates from the bastions of the Alamo last week. “To get everyone used to seeing us carrying assault rifles” into restaurants, bars, sporting events, college class rooms, parks, museums, libraries, court houses, churches, streets and so on. The other point is to pass legislation so they can ALSO openly carry handguns into┬árestaurants, bars, sporting events, college campuses, parks, museums, libraries, court houses, churches, streets and so on. After all, you never know, after 40 shots from your assault rifle you may need an other 20 from your handgun. And no, they are not insane thinking 60 Negroes or Muslims are going to attack them, they figure it takes 4 bullets to stop each one so they expect only about 15 attackers at once.

One last thing. These sGunbags were not bothered by police. Know imagine these two dozen people with assault rifles were black and wore hoodies. What ya think? And do you know what the assault rifles are for?  I live in the South where people speak their minds, so I do.