The Birthday Boy Calms us down! – The President Show

 The Birthday Boy Calms us down! - The President Show “Run for your lives! There is an army of liberal zealots operating under direct orders from Shakespeare and Kathy Griffin.” [They did the same to President Clinton, Senator Clinton and President Obama without these Republican snowflakes having to find a safe zone to hide in]

Is President Trump’s birthday a national holiday yet?  Trump Day! Where we all verbally give our loyalty to The Donald, being blessed and privileged by his wise policies and leadership!  Did his Cabinet really go around the table on camera one after another sucking up to him?  I bet it even embarrassed Monica Lewisnsky.

Birthday over and back to the THE WITCH HUNT?

Is he a Witch?

We need a dunking pool in the Rose Garden to find out. How does that work again? If he sinks he is not a witch and drowns. If he floats he is a witch and is hung. Religious logic. Sign me up!

I been hearing the cause for the impeachment is changing. From election collusion with the Russians, my belief it will be from getting caught in a unconstitutional or criminal act at a celebrity or reporter, to now it being money going in and out of Russia.

Sadly, being a piece of shit is not cause for impeachment.