The President of all Sides

The President of all Sides

A handful of Republicans and zero people in the administration have spoken up about what the president had to say defending the KKK, the Neo Nazis and the confederacy, about 0.1% of Republicans. More might come by to put down the groups but not the President. The President has an 80% approval rating of Republicans, which after his show as leader of the Alt Right will not likely change and probably go up with the Republican Base.

Remember now, his approval rating has now gone down 15 points from inauguration, with Gallup giving him 35% before this meltdown in front the world. We cannot deny Trump has a better political insight than anyone in America, and seeing his falling numbers he chose to invigorate them by coming to the defense of the Confederacy and White Supremacists.

I was watching CNN yesterday taking notice that their legal analyst Jeffery Toobin said that sitting in New York he has no idea what the people across the nation think about the speech, that more may like it than not.  He was loudly put down by Wolf and five others on the panel who said such people are only a vast minority. All five of which have never lived in the South or rural America. They are very wrong.

I think it was Chris Matthews who once said he could not know a person’s heart so he would not comment on that.

Okay for a reporter in Washington DC talking about people he does not know or never met. But we down here in The South, or we out here in rural American know these people’s hearts, they are our family, our inlaws, out friends, out neighbors, our co workers and we know their hearts as well as we know our own. And it aint purdy.