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“To the Victims of This Tragedy We Send Our Thoughts and Prayers”

"To the Victims of This Tragedy We Send Our Thoughts and Prayers"

Tonight Democrats are taking an overdue stand against the NRA’s stranglehold on the United States, and  I’m gobsmacked to hear critics carp that those singing “We Shall Overcome” are behaving in an inappropriate and disrespectful manner. The (gun-loving) arbiters of taste complain that the song  became synonymous with the civil rights struggle. They complain that this is not a fight for human rights, as if the right to live without the fear of gun violence is not a basic human right.  Is the disconnect in my mind only?

We don’t need another ‘good guy with an AK-47,’ but Roy Zimmerman is a man whose ditties are relevant, and this one is particularly timely.  I grew up in a time where getting shot was one of the last concerns on my mind. Now school, church, shopping malls, theaters, Planned Parenthood clinics, nightclubs, streets and a toddler’s sticky fingers are all places where bullets can fly…So far.

“Let’s work for open carry so Curly, Moe and Larry can act like Dirty Harry….Now let us pray for peaaaace.”

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