Trevor Noah makes a fool of President Old Man Trump

Trevor Noah makes a fool of President Old Man TrumpThis video could very well have been an Onion piece from a year ago playing to the fantasy that unindicted buffoon Donald Trump actually became president of the United States. What a hilarious idea. But no, they actually did elect an old buffoon as president, the oldest man we ever have and he acts like it. Well when he is not being a spoiled petulant child having a sissy fit.

A mean grumpy ‘get off my lawn’ old man in a hurry to the early bird buffet. If he is up tweeting his nonsense at 4 am, what time does he go to bed? 8pm would give him 8 hours of sleep. Which begs the question, does he still have sex? Does he wear Depends? Can he see his dick without a mirror? I know the answer to that one. Sad.

And all the non sequiturs, all the know-nothings, all the dumbass tweets and his  war on what he actually calls “the lying scum media.”

But not to worry on that front. Piers Morgan has joined him to become Trump’s biggest defender from “the lying scum media,” specifically the The Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN. The three biggest purveyors of fake news in the world.

But not to worry, Donald is white, so it’s OK.