Trump Refuses to Wrap Up Secretive, Marathon Meeting with Putin

The private meeting between Donald Trump – checker player, and Chess master Vladimir Putin was scheduled to run only 30 minutes…It didn’t. Aides and intelligence people were anxious at the onset of the meeting, but high anxiety reigned when Trump and Putin couldn’t be pried apart for 2 hours and 16 minutes!

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attempted to bring the meeting to a halt at the appointed time,and with periodic reminders. Tillerson finally resorted to pressing Melania Trump repeatedly into reminding the boys that tempus fugit – to no avail. Things must be different at the Tillerson home or he’d have known the futility of the latter ploy.

Meetings running over schedule has not been a problem with meetings between Trump and other world leaders, Macron of France comes to mind. It sure looks like Donnie and Vlad got on like a house a’fire. Of course there are other theories as to why the meeting ran overly long. Many in the intelligence field have often expressed concern because Putin, formerly of the KGB is a master manipulator. Former spies earlier this week warned that Putin can easily bend Trump to his agenda by appealing to his fragile ego.

Aides expressed concern that the President was not well prepared, or well briefed for the meeting. Reportedly, some expected Trump to come down on Russia for meddling in our election. Not so much as a slap on the wrist could be heard by those with their ears pressed to the door. One can’t help but wonder why Trump would invite Russia to hack into the election, then come down on them for doing exactly that?
“I’m President, can you believe it?!!”   Donald Trump.