Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info – Seth Meyers

Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info - Seth MeyersSeth Meyers takes a closer look at reports that Trump revealed classified information to Russian diplomats, and his increasingly authoritarian-like abuses of power.  The big story today from the Washington Post – is that Trump entertained the  Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador this week by sharing “more classified information with them than we have shared with our allies.” With impeccable timing, Trump amused the boys on the very day after he fired  FBI Director James Comey, who wouldn’t pledge to put Trump above the law. For all of his dirty deeds, Trump isn’t keeping a low profile. Seth observes that Nixon went out claiming “I am not a crook!” Trump already admits wrongdoing and dares us to do something about it!

The power to do as he pleases without fear of reprisal, must make Trump nearly as giddy as his nightly ‘two scoops’ of ice cream atop his chocolate cream pie; “everyone else only gets one scoop” he gloats – it’s good to be king. It is interesting to note that Trump eschews exercise, due to his belief that everyone has a store of energy, and exercise merely depletes it. To that, I unkindly observe that his body is not depleted of energy, it is clinging to him beneath that baggy suit. I would only make such an observation about a proud fat-shamer of women.

Trump surrogates apparently took the loyalty pledge that Comey turned down. They valiantly denied Trump’s involvement, at every turn until some jackass claimed that HE did it!  It had to have felt like being slapped in the face by a flying salmon at Pike Place Market. Still, it isn’t important that his spokes-folks are made out to be liars…He admits his own distance from the truth and he still gets two scoops plus dessert!