Trump’s Coal Promises and John Oliver Told to Cease and Desist!

Trump's Coal Promises and John Oliver Told to Cease and Desist!

Coal miners adore campaign Trump, who promised to  have them digging in no time! Miners don’t know that Trump has long felt scorn and contempt for them, much like his allies, their wealthy, greedy bosses. One of the worst of these reprehensible sleazebags, Bob Murray whines that “Obama killed coal mining.” Obama’s ‘incompetence and evil agenda’ is to blame for lost jobs in the coal mines, according the Murray who coincidentally is not fond of safety regulation enforcement either.

Reality check from Oliver: “Coal mining has been declining like careers in the zeppelin industry and babies named Adolph.” Truly, look at the charts! There has been a 45% drop due to natural gas prices, solar and wind power. There is no better illustration of the direction energy is taking than in the newly built Kentucky Coal Mining Museum...Which is powered by solar energy, a decision they reckon will save $8 to 10 thousand per year in the one building alone .

Murray sent ‘Last Week Tonight’ a cease and desist order, threatening to take the case to the Supreme Court!  Freedom of speech – not applicable here. Perhaps it would be best if John didn’t compare Murray to ‘a geriatric Dr. Evil’ – but you be the judge. Okay evil Murray Energy – you have been warned. You’ll be hearing from Mr. Nutterbutter, giant squirrel and legal representative – tonight!