W.Kamau Bell: Daily Show Comedian John Oliver Says Being An Immigrant ‘Traumatic’

W. Kamau Bell 'Totally Biased' : welcomes Daily Show correspondent and immigrant John Oliver  who says getting a green card is NOT  'way too easy' as is the rumor.

Lovable and authoritative Daily Show correspondent John Oliver celebrated getting his green card in October of 2009, and he can assure you that it’s most assuredly not ‘way too easy,’ as we often hear.¬† While Kamau and John bantered on a variety of topics, John sobered when he recalled that there wasn’t a day he didn’t worry until he had the card in his hand. Oliver described it as a ‘painful and traumatic experience,’ and alluded to the grim truth that it’s much more difficult for people who are um…Er, unlike him, – people who don’t wear glasses, for instance.

I worry that perhaps Oliver should have been more circumspect. On our southern border, we have itchy fingered armed guards, dogs and enthusiastic wall-builders devoted to keeping potential immigrants out. I shudder to think what means they will employ to keep the hordes of eager Brits from our shores!