WFVX Bangor Maine news team Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio quit on the air

WFVX bangor maine newsteam quits on air

What I found most interesting digging into this story is how even these two upright journalists are afraid to say why they quit. It is more than obvious to those at the station and the people of Maine that WFVX is trying to emulate Fox News and force conservative propaganda into their nightly news. But that story is hard to find as neither Cindy Michaels or Tony Consiglio will talk the truth of the matter.  Who would want a black mark on their resume rather than a gold star?  Liberal biased media MY ASS!  Take this job and shove it: Fed-up Bangor TV anchors quit on air

  • I saw that too. Oddly I’ve yet to see anything about Fox “Fair and Balanced” expressing similar concerns.

  • Hopey Changey

    Wish I’d have saved it, but I saw where MSNBC is worried that they have a liberal bias and will try to present stories from ‘both sides’ in the future. Good grief!

  • db


    The MSM is so afraid of the “Liberal Bias” charge that they are refusing to cover certain stories adequately. You’ve listed a number over the past few years. My on “favorite” is how the fact-checkers during the past election went out of their way to find an equal amount of “falsity” on each side. Rachael Maddow (& you)
    documented it beyond doubt.