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Why Trump Says Bizarre Things, & Mexican Wall Funding Found – Fatawesome comedy

Why Trump Says Bizarre Things, & Mexican Wall Funding Found - Fatawesome comedy

Donald Trump’s popularity  is spreading  like E coli in Chipotle’s, leading us to wonder – if Wolverine and Professor X pool their knowledge, can they devise a plan which will save the world? Wolverine has traveled to the future, and he has seen the dystopian world in shambles after a Trump presidency…That’s why his plan with Professor X cannot fail!

The Professor plants bizarre phrases into Trump’s head that Trump will then repeat – out loud.  As a result, people will think Trump is certifiably insane when he talks about his ‘large, well-shaped hands’ or the Mexican Wall for instance. Perhaps you wondered why it seems like The Donald is on a loop, repeating the same old catch-phrases again and again.  The daring duo hoped that by thought transference everyone would think Trump was bonkers, berzerkers, loopy, balmy and zanyfroidenheit!  See the surprising results for yourself.

While we’re on the subject of loopy ideas, this is a true news flash, not a comic. Trump –  riding high on the success (?) of his abortion discussion with Chris Matthews, weighed in on  how he plans to fund his infamous Mexican border wall. Mexican people have made it abundantly clear that they aren’t paying for a wall, which Trump estimates to be from $4-10 Billion dollars.
Trump announced – without consulting with the firm,  that Western Union and other money wiring services would confiscate funds sent from the US to Mexico, if the client’s identity and legal status didn’t check out. Trump believes a broad interpretation of the post-9-11 Patriot Act allows him to set new regulations in effect.

When asked about the plan by reporters, President Obama said “Good luck with that.” The President also said the plan was “impractical” with enormous implications for the Mexican economy.