Will Obamacons Colin Powell and Chuck Hagel Endorse Barack Obama

Colin powell and ObamaThe Obamacons have been talked about for many months now, the word refers to Republicans and conservatives who have become enamored with Barack Obama and may cross party lines either privately or publicly to vote for or endorse the Democratic Nominee. Today’s column by Washington’s Prince of Darkness, Robert Novak, brought the biggest issue in this to the forefront, what will Colin Powell do? The Obamacons Who Worry McCain

Though Senator Chuck Hagel, outspoken Republican against George W. Bush’s war and foreign policy, is not expected to endorse Obama but not endorse McCain either. On the other hand from what insider Novak says, Colin Powell will soon be endorsing the Democrat. Not only because of race and content of character, but because Powell is angry about being used to spread Bush Administration lies but then treated like Republicans always treat African Americans, like crap. 

When the endorsement comes, it will be the most important Obama will have received since the Kennedy clan knocked Hillary out of the primaries. It will be big news which will also begin the news cycle of what Powell will be offered. Is it possible in America to have a black President and a black Vice President?

This Obamacons are not what attracted me to Novak’s column today but rather his spin on the coming demise of the Republican Party. Using words like "disgust and ""revulsion" to describe Bush policies, and claiming an "therapeutic electoral bloodbath" in store for the GOP come November. Novak even goes on to quote Larry Hunter, a conservative republican who joined Jack Kemp’s (and Bill Bennett) Right-wing organization Empower America to become Kemp’s political ghost writer. 

"The Republcian Party is a dead rotting carcass with a few decrepit old leaders stumbling around like zombies in the horror version of Weekend With Berinie, handcuffed to a corpse."