You’ll Shoot your eye out! NRA version, Ziglis Cartoon

Shoot your eye out NRA

There is something missing in this cartoon. The bullet from a Bushmaster shoots 6

round per second, speeds along at 3000fps, when the small .223 round hits the flesh, it tumbles and tears and shreds exits with a mighty hole, leaving the wall behind it spattered and splattered in bloody brains and blood. One 6 year old took 11 rounds. Could not be identified for a day. And the NRA wants MORE OF THIS. And the GOP will help them. It’s the KIND of people they are.

  • Good cartoon, it really sums up how our supposed “defending freedom” is just backfiring and making the place a hell hole. Even if we were to believe the NRA line that a good guy with a gun can stop and bad guy with a gun who says that he will win? It’s 50/50 at best. And is this what we want society to be? Paranoid “individualists” who figure everyone is the enemy and may need taken out? This isn’t just about guns, its about how the right resents the idea that we are a cooperative society and we all follow the same ground rules, including gun regulation. I never joined the military because I never wanted to do the “kill or be killed” thing. I oppose the militarization of public places for the same reason.

    • Muy Groso

      Well said.

  • rackjite

    Yeah yeah kinda like a BB gun you mean. I WAS THERE FOR THE TRANSITION from M14 to M16. Who do you think yer fooling?

    No I am not wrong. Where to you get your information. NRA literature?

    I am finding anyone defending the sale and proliferation of assault rifles / extended magazines to be on a level below pond scum.

    Those who will argue that sacrificing 11,000 Americans a year – 4 times as many as we lost in 911, more than we have lost in all our wars combined since 1980, and now even 6 year olds – so they can play with their fking guns are the evil monsters.

    Most of the shooters have been seriously mentally ill, not so the NRA, they are just plain disgusting dirtball human beings.

  • Petrushka

    the .223 round was designed for the battlefield in Vietnam to NOT be as deadly as larger projectiles and due to its light weight and high velocity to dump a lot of power into the target while passing through. It is a clean shot for the battlefield with its purpose of not being as destructive but still able to remove he enemy combatant while not causing massive tissue damage and death. So you got it wrong.