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32% of Republicans do not believe Don Jr met with Russians

32% of Republicans do not believe Don Jr met with Russians

32% of Republicans do not believe Don Jr met with Russians

Reaching out to Trump voters with a bowling ball is no vice.

With a new poll saying that 32% of Republicans do not believe that Donald Jr  met with Russians to dig dirt on Hillary and that it is FAKE NEWS with another 24% not sure.

That’s 56% of Republicans, the majority of Republicans – 35 million voters – who are so consumed by ignorance, hatred and bile that they refuse to believe even what President Trump and Don Jr openly admit was done. Wow, hey? It’s the scorpion and the frog story, it is the nature of the Beast.  

Less than half of Trump voters believe Donald Jr. met with Russians about Clinton dirt

That translates into 25% of Americans, a vast minority are now in charge of the once greatest nation on Earth. Managing to not only become an embarrassment to the majority of Americans but to every nation in the world other than the new Axis of Evil: Russia, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

I have read and watched stories of mothers who if the Trump and Republican healthcare plan were to pass – with caps on life time coverage and unaffordable preexisting condition coverage, would have their children die still say they would vote for Trump and Republicans again. What drives such angry ignorance and hatred?

Saw a talking head policy wonk the other day who studies rural Americans explain it is that rural Americans believe that there is a conspiracy of The Media, college professors and the federal government to destroy conservative values. You know bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, white advantage and above all, denying women their reproductive rights. 

And where does all that horrible crap come from? What has been the leader in FAKE NEWS for over ten thousand years? 

Another recent poll showed that the majority of those in Great Britain say they believe religion does more harm than good. I am sure that most of Europe, Canada, Australia and the Pacific Rim concur. Leaving America aligned with Africa, India, Indonesia, the Middle East and Poland. Oh and Ireland!