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Alabama White Christians pick a child molester over a Democrat, Rack Jite Op ed

Roy Moore, Alabama White Christians pick a child molester over a Democrat, Rack Jite Op ed

Roy Moore, Alabama White Christians pick a child molester over a Democrat, Rack Jite Op ed

This is perhaps the best graphic to get a taste of Judge Roy Moore. Moore’s wife Kayla was just 24 when she married the 38 year old attorney. Moore who recently said he never dated a woman without first getting the permission from their mothers means he followed that course for over 20 years. If true we can surmise that the only logical reason for that would be he has been robbing the cradle from the gitgo.
Just wanted to add to all this something no one else has said thus far.  The White Christians of Alabama would elect Cotton Mather to the Senate. And the reason no one has mentioned that is here in the United States of Duh, no one knows who the fk Cotton Mather is…

But it is the endorsements in the graphic that are so onerous.

So how did it come to this?  That Christian White people hate Democrats more than child molesters?  With this historic ignorant seething hatred in the South having now impregnated all of rural America in just one generation.

Here are the names of those most responsible.

First those who have been fanning the flames of hate for most of a generation:

Rush Limbaugh
Roger Ailes
Bill O’Reilly
Sean Hannity
Mark Levin
Michael Savage
Laura Schlessenger
John Stossel
Newt Gingrich
Chuck Norris
Roy Moore
Ann Coulter
Tom Delay
Jon Voight
Dick Cheney
David Horowitz
David Duke
Pat Robertson
Michelle Bachmann
Dana Rohrabacher
Ted Nugent
Jerry Falwell
Matt Drudge
Wayne LaPierre
Charles Murray
Joseph Farrah
Lou Dobbs
Michelle Malkin
Joe Arpaio
Pat Buchanan
William Bennett
Glenn Beck

The most recent additions of those fanning the flames of hate:

Sarah Palin
Phil Robertson
Milo Yiannnopoulos
Neil Boortz
Alex Jones
Eric Bowling
Dinesh D’Souza
Pamala Geller
James O’Keefe
Dana Loesch
Jerry Falwell jr
Steve Bannon
Steve Doocy
Tucker Carlton
Donald Trump
Richard Spencer
Laura Ingraham
Allen West
Steve King
Ben Shapiro

All of whom has as their central purpose in life competing with each other to see who can spread the most hatred to the most people. You know, what American Christianity has become.  Okay,  White Evangelical Christianity…

On the other side I can only come up with a very few names who throw it back in like manner:

Hillary Clinton – Fail
Anthony Weiner – Jail
Rack Jite – Fail
Dan Savage
Roger Moore
Bill Maher
Allan Grayson
[the rest are all either Hispanic or Black so don’t matter]