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Alt Right Killers – Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

There is a doable and sensible solution in solving the ever growing mass shooting horror in the United States.


1) It shall be illegal to sell or buy any weapon that can self contain more than six rounds of ammunition.

2) It shall be illegal to sell or buy any magazine that can hold more than five rounds of ammuntion.

3) Within one year of this bill it shall be illegal to own a weapon that can self contain more than six rounds or a magazine that holds more than five rounds of ammunition.

4) The government will buy back all weapons that can self contain more than six rounds, replace magazines that hold more than five rounds or pay for welded plugs.

5) Each infraction of these laws will cause the individual their right to bear arms for one year.

Talking points:

  1. There is little if any hope that assault rifles will be banned from sale or purchase, and no hope at all that the 5 million already out there to be taken away.
  2. Though there is talk of more background checks, the talk does not include either the gunshow loophole or individual to individual sales which are 40% of gun sales.
  3. This cannot be done state by state as we have no enforced state borders.
  4. Mental Health screening to remove firearms is costly and untenable. Most shooters are law abiding citizens and mentally stable until they start shooting.
  5. What does anyone need with more than six shots to do whatever the job may be?
  6. This avoids any issues concerning most all revolvers and shotguns.
  7. This is not about crime but about mass shootings!
  8. For the past 80 years duck and goose hunters like myself have had the Federal Government limit shotguns to three rounds with plugs.  The federal government also has control of the ammo with a law against lead shot or having buckshot in possession. No one complains in the last 40 years.

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