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Beatles worse than Snoop Dogg, Akon, T.I. and Paul Wall put Together

Beatles statue in Houston

Houston, we have a problem.

Artist David Adickes has completed his 36 foot high scuplutre of the Beatles in Downtown Houston. Not everyone is pleased, least of all Kiffin Emanuael.

It would be worth the money to get a couple of front row seats for the next Snoop Dogg, Acon, T.I. or Paul Wall concert and invite Kiffin to come along. I think I would enjoy watching someone as  horrid as Kiffin drop dead next to me.

Kiffin exemplifies the central human problem we have suffered since the first caveman stepped up on a rock to shout, "You must all be like me!" Had everyone agreed, now 50,000 years later, we would still have bones in our nose having Kiffin telling us where to poop.

If reading Kiffin gives you that glow of feeling far more intelligent and magnanomous than you really are, there are about a thousand such examples on our Hate Mail page.

Letter to Ken Hoffman in the Houston Chronicle 6/17/2007

I am surely glad that I don’t live within eyesight of a monstrosity like a Beatles statue. Who in their right mind would waste the energy to create a monument to four British boys who claimed to be "more popular than Jesus," smoked marijuana and generally disregarded society’s norms in terms of behavior, attitude, appearance and several other ways? If I was in view of such a misguided attempt to glorify "drug taking, anti-religious hippies," I would institute legal action to have such a disrespectful item removed immediately and forthwith.

There are times I wish my ex-employer, Pan Am, would never have consented to the request of the Beatles’ agent and permitted them to fly into this country; we would be much better off than we are!

Kiffin Emanuel, Huntsville