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Betsy DeVos, A pop up and cursive education

Betsy DeVos, A pop up and cursive education

Betsy DeVos, A pop up and cursive educationFirst off this brings up an issue I had not thought about before. With the coming death of cursive, how will we be signing our names?

Betsy DeVos along with Jeff Sessions, Tom Price, Ben Carson, Rick Perry and Scott Pruitt are Trump’s Six Horseman of the Apocalypse to the posts they command.  All hardcore Right-wing cabinet members Trump and the Republicans nominated and advised to destroy the federal institutions they were put in charge of. Whether it be education, civil rights, health care, housing, energy or the EPA they are there only to cause hurt, pain and destruction of the very federal institutions that they can. They will do as much damage as possible with a President who will sign anything that does himself, his money and his family any good.

Also a reminder that multi Billionaire Betsy DeVos is the heir to the biggest pyramid scheme in world history. Amway. 

Though a graduate of Calvin College, one of the many hardcore Christian Right sub universities in America, she flunked out of Trump University. 

Here is the Wiki list of all the notables who graduated from Calvin College: