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Bill and Denise Richards speak against Death Penalty in Boston Marathon Bombing

“We are in favor of and would support the Department of Justice in taking the death penalty off the table in exchange for the defendant spending the rest of his life in prison without any possibility of release and waiving all of his rights to appeal.” Bill and Denise Richards who lost their child in the Boston Marathon Bombing

bill and Denise Richards no death penalty

Now this is news, not the usual non news of case after case of angry victims crying for death so they can have, what to they call it now, Christian Closure? They sure CLOSED THINGS with that guy on the cross hey?

A few polls may help us with this.

Boston polls show only about 30% are for the death penalty in this case, which is about as grievous as it gets.

Nationwide 71% of white people are for the death penalty while only 44% of blacks. A case of whose ox is being gored I would guess.

76% of Republicans are hand in hand with Muslims and Sharia Law on the death penalty while only 46% of Democrats are.

Over all, it is 63% of Americans in line with China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, Pakistan and Texas in support of nailing strapping someone down to a cross [horizontally rather than vertically] and poking them in the side arm with a sharp stick until they are dead.

What about Christians you ask!  Well Googling that opened a can a worms. Only 30% of the Millennial Christians are for capitol punishment while 42% of Christian baby boomers enjoy a good crucifixion. But something must be askew in that as 85% of Americans are Christian and 76% of Republicans who represent Christians, and with Texas and the South being the Christian Bible Belt of America where we do the most executing.

So why is Boston, you know the secular Northeast unReal part of America, so much more Christian on this issue than the South and the great heartland where real American Christians live and shoot?

The obvious answer seems to be the difference between hellfire evangelical protestants and child molesting Catholics.[Just trying to fair and balanced here] But when you add into the mix all the Christians in Europe with much lower polls regarding executions perhaps it is not about religion at all, but rather what it means to be civilized. For as we see around the world, the more religious a place is the less civilized they are.

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