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Bill Maher Monologue, Boston Bombers dumber than Harold and Kumar, April 26 2013

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Bill Maher monologueSeems Harold and Kumar had a better plan to get to White Castle than the plan these Boston Bombers had to escape.

ThisĀ  may have helped this problem of lone wolves doing it to soft targets. There are cameras everywhere, no hiding in the crowd any more you a wholes.

You do notice that difference in Jihad over here compared to over there. They don’t like to blow up with the bomb as the do in the Middle East. I suppose that is because we have a weaker religious belief system? Or are most of the suicide bombers in the Middle East just kids who are easily fooled? Religion is a dangerous thing. They need to be registered.

How we define terrorism is something to ponder. Adam Lanza killed 26 people including 20 little kids and is not a terrorist, the Boston Brothers killed 3 people including one little kid and are terrorists. Are not we defining terrorism as religious violence? Like guns, we should probably keep religion out of the brains of children who are so easily fooled.