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Bill Maher Monologue, Pope good, GOP bad, Sept 20 2013

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Bill Maher monologueSo….  Is the Pope Catholic?  I don’t know anymore.  Much like the bear wandering around in the woods not knowing were to take a crap.

We have a Pope who liberals, gays and atheists love and Republicans can’t stand. Getting weird out there. If this Pope comes out and renounces the Church’s views on contraception I will go to church the following Sunday.

Which reminds me. You know you have left The Church when Grandma comes for Easter Mass, and because you were busy Saturday afternoon and missed confession, you take communion anyway to please Nana.

I had the opportunity to leave the Church once again in a huff. After returning from my three years in the military which I now subtract from my age as wasted time, a friend asked me to go talk to the Monseigneur about his wife Nancy being a lesbian so he could get an annulment.   We all lied, Nancy, Doug, the Monseigneur and me. And we all knew we were lying. Which is pretty much the basis of all religions. Lying not only to to oneself and to each other. AND KNOWING IT.