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Bill Maher New Rules, Kim Davis dressed to Kill, Sept 11 2015

New Rules Bill Maher Kim Davis dressed to killA picture is worth a thousand words has never been more apropos than this  of Kentucky Christian bigots Kim Davis with her husband Joe getting all Sunday go to meeting dressed up for their on stage appearance to address thousands of Christians celebrating bigotry and Sharia Law in Kentucky.

The hat aside, plastic green visor and all, what I would like you to take away from this picture is to put yourself in the shoes of the Republican Base who cannot get pictures of clothless gay men having sex out of their heads, and follow suit by imagining these two humping in a Motel 6 with the light on.

When I have friends tell me that their problem with gays is picturing what they do having sex I always ask if they picture their parents the same way. That usually shuts them up.

So what is Kim Davis’ Apostolic Christianity anyway? No, it is not that bottom number on the blood pressure meter, it is just standard Pentecostal Christianity on steroids which also makes speaking in tongues not a option but a requirement. Oogly boogly gooboo Robert Tilton goobo turkbaat.