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The CBO says Obamacare good for workers, Kevin Siers cartoon

cbo and obamacare

There are no longer enough jobs to go around and there never will be again.

That elephant in the room is of course being ignored, denied or lied about by the Republican Party. Just like global warming, evolution, supply side economics, more guns make us more safe, and homosexuality being a choice. It is not so much that the essence of one of our two political parties is based upon lies that everyone knows are lies, but that they get away with it. Since when?

I have a date for that. ¬†January 21, 198. Two things happened that day. First was Ronald Reagan’s silly campaign slogan that our government is the problem rather than the solution became the basis of the Republican Party, and Jerry Falwell’s aberrant intolerant brand of American evangelical Christianity was accepted as a Republican Religion.

When we see or hear some bigot screeching about gays or Mexicans or African Americans or women… Or some a whole yelling about the poor causing all our troubles, or wanting to execute more people more often, or drop more bombs or buy more assault rifles they believe that they are good kind people whose views come from GOD, Jesus and the Bible. That’s the problem pretending made up stuff is real. Anyone can make it up to fit their own politics and nasty nature.