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Cheney booed at CPAC,Yodeling Miss Arkansas and puppets top Rachels list

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For years Cheney – any Cheney was on Rachel Maddow’s ‘to get’ list. It didn’t happen.
Meanwhile, their star power has fallen if the 2011 CPAC is any indication. Both Cheney and Rumsfeld were heckled and boo’ed in the manner deserved by war criminals, – by Republicans!

A special lady replaced Cheney in the "To get" interview list, and tonight seems like the right night to air it. In light of the joyous news from Egypt, Rachel finally shows the in-dept interview with Joy Alyse Eady, current Miss Arkansas and first runner up in the 2011 Miss America pageant about her unusual talents. The lovely Ms Eady claims she was a ‘weird kid’ – follow your dreams and let your freak flag fly lest you become a Cheney or a Rumsfeld!

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