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Daily Show: The Jersey Boys beg Sean Hannity to stay in New York

“On second thought, who gives a fck what you do?” Nathan Lane

sean hannity please stay in new york

Sean Hannnity is angry at Governor Coumo for saying Right-wing extremists have no place in New York. So Sean Hannity wants to move to either Texas where Governor Perry says those who think gay couples should marry have no place in Texas or to Florida where murder is okay.

You know where Sean Hannity should go? Were he belongs. In that great expanse of central rural America where real people live as real Americans, gay free, thug free and brain free. Kansas City! Tulsa! Des Moines! Waco! Cheyenne! Where the action is.

And hey the top tier of Right-wing extremists already live down here in Texas: Ted Nugent, Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz. But my bet is Sean Hannity will more to South Florida where he can share Rush Limbaugh’s studio in his gilded beach mansion. And isn’t it about time for another Limbaugh divorce? So Rush the lovable teddy bear may need some cuddling soon.