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Daily Show: Starbucks Philadelphia manager is a racist in hiding

The unknown Starbuck’s Philadelphia store manager who called the police on two black men who in 2 minutes called police is in hiding. Starbucks CEO commented that she acted upon her “unconscious bias.”  Like so much of the racism that has been the central driver of America for hundreds of years we now choose different names like “nativism”, “entitlements”, “small government” and “unconscious bias” to smooth out what is direct racism.

Everyone, you know, like Trump is always saying, knows damn well the unknown Starbuck’s manager they put in hiding, would not have in 2 minutes done the same to any white person. It is a known known.

An in defense of Starbucks, part of the business plan is as a meeting place, a resting place, where you meet up all of which enlarge the customer base.

Though I do imagine this happens quite often to Black men in many such public businesses, the big mistake here was doing it to up and coming middle class black men.